Sunshine Holdings PLC celebrates Children’s Day with a day of fun and creativity

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Sunshine Holdings PLC celebrated its Children’s Day recently at the Ape Gama premises in Battaramulla. The event was a heartwarming tribute to the children of SUN employees, all aged below 16, as they were treated to a day of fun, creativity, and entertainment.

Sunshine Holdings PLC holds a strong belief in the potential and promise of children, considering them a blessing and the hope for a brighter future. The Children’s Day celebration was a testament to this commitment, where children, accompanied by their parents, gathered to participate in a day filled with excitement and delight.

The event offered a diverse range of activities, ensuring that every child found something to cherish. From colourful face painting sessions to very absorbing art, dancing, and singing competitions, to exciting arcade games, a fascinating magic show, and a lively fancy dress parade, the children basked in a world of endless entertainment.

The grand finale of the celebration was the recognition and awarding of the winners of the art, singing and dancing competitions, where young talents were recognized for their skills and creativity.

This Children’s Day celebration at Sunshine Holdings PLC was a testament to the organization’s dedication to fostering a supportive and inspiring environment for the children and strengthening camaraderie with its employees. It was a day to create cherished memories and reaffirm the belief that the future belongs to these young, promising individuals.

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