Sysco LABS part of ‘Engineering Nexus #7 – Clear the Mist: The Cloud Revealed’

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Krishan Senevirathne, Senior Software Architect at Sysco LABS Sri Lanka was recently featured as an expert speaker at the 7th edition of the Engineering Nexus meetup titled ‘Clear the Mist: The Cloud Revealed’. 

The Engineering Nexus series is the brainchild of a diverse group of senior tech professionals from leading Technology companies like Sysco LABS, WSO2, LSEG Technology and Pearson Lanka, who together aspire to create a platform for knowledge sharing among technology professionals and further proliferate Software Engineering thought leadership across the industry. 

The 7th Engineering Nexus explored the theme of Cloud Native Software Development delving into subtopics like creating an adaptive Cloud culture, modernizing legacy systems using Cloud, and suggestions on what goes in the Cloud toolkit and infrastructure.  This session also featured specialists Afkham Azeez, Vice President and Deputy CTO – Cloud, WSO2, Chamila Liyanage, Software Architect, LSEG Technology and Rumesh Athukorala, Technical Specialist – Application Engineering, Pearson Lanka. 

Discussing ‘The Journey towards Cloud Native’, Krishan Seneviratne noted that apart from technology, there were other key factors important in the journey towards becoming Cloud native. He emphasized, “Cloud native is much more than Micro-services and Kubernetes, and it is much more than technology or a tool set. Cloud native is not having a definite answer but adopting a philosophy or approach for building applications to take full advantage of cloud computing while embracing new ways of working from top down.”

Seneviratne further elaborated: “Senior leadership buy-in matters progressing towards cloud native, and alignment from the top is crucial, else it will not be successful. It is a journey that takes time and effort, and leadership needs to factor that in.” He also shared his advice for organizations and said, “No matter how you get into cloud, make the necessary investments in People, Processes and Culture as they are as important as your investment in technology.”

The event was concluded with an engaging question and answer session where the audience posed their questions to the panelists who shared their expert views and opinions. 

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