TikTok’s showcases commitment to well-being by supporting and encouraging #MentalHealthAwareness in Sri Lanka

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In an ongoing effort to break down the stigmas associated with mental health and provide vital support to those in need, TikTok’s vibrant community remains at the forefront of the global #MentalHealthAwareness movement. This World Mental Health Day and beyond, TikTok is celebrating its community’s strength, courage, and resilience, emphasizing the significance of unity in prioritizing mental well-being.

TikTok’s commitment to championing mental health and well-being is further demonstrated through its strategic partnerships with mission-driven organizations worldwide. On this World Mental Health Day, TikTok announced its collaboration with the Rare Impact Fund, a charitable initiative dedicated to expanding access to mental health services and education for young people across the globe. TikTok’s donation of $250,000 served as a cornerstone in sponsoring the inaugural Rare Impact Fund Benefit, which took place on 04 October. The event successfully raised funds and shed light on the essential role played by organizations in promoting mental health awareness. The Rare Impact Fund, founded by Selena Gomez, is committed to destigmatizing mental illness and encouraging positive conversations around mental health and self-acceptance.

To gain deeper insights into the profound impact of TikTok’s platform on mental well-being, TikTok conducted a global in-app survey. Among TikTok users in Sri Lanka who participated in the survey, 67% reported finding a sense of belonging on the platform. Globally, 63% of those surveyed expressed that TikTok provided them with a sense of belonging, and 59% said they had built meaningful connections and friendships on TikTok.

TikTok continues to foster a safe and positive global community that actively engages in discussions surrounding mental health and well-being. Relevant hashtags, such as #MentalHealth, #SelfCare, and #MentalHealthAwareness, have collectively generated over 100 billion, 50 billion, and 25 billion views, respectively.

Additionally, individuals can connect with like-minded mental health advocates, engage with organizations, and access essential resources through TikTok’s new mental health and digital wellness hub, which can be found here. Furthermore, TikTok is continuously working with creators and onboard organizations like Vida Medical Clinic and Unicef South Asia, to create awareness of mental health, talking about ways to combat depression and to remain safe online. 

One of the top creators, Pearlija (@pearlijja.jeyarajah) shared, “TikTok has taken steps to address the well-being of its users by implementing features and partnering with creators focused on mental health. These initiatives aim to provide resources and support to individuals who may be facing health challenges. Many users share their personal experiences with mental health on TikTok, helping to destigmatize the topic and foster understanding among the community, which is very helpful for every individual who faces mental health issues.” 

Throughout the month of October, TikTok invites its global community to join the #MentalHealthAwareness: Better Together campaign. Sri Lankans are encouraged to share inspiring stories and personal well-being journeys using the local hashtags #MentalHealth and #SelfCare.

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