Total Warehousing Solutions Lanka Pvt Ltd helps customers optimise cost and efficiency in their supply chains

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Globalisation and the integration of supply chains across borders and continents resulted in the rapid growth of the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Its significance in global trade was evident during the pandemic. When supply chains were disrupted, and businesses suffered due to the breakdown in worldwide logistics and transport services, it was evident that the industry had become the lifeblood of global business. Variability/unpredictability in global demand makes it impossible to match production capacity with market requirements. Therefore, an efficient warehouse is of paramount importance to all organisations, irrespective of their size. An efficient intralogistics solution within the warehouse is imperative and having a reliable partner is critical to meeting customer needs in a timely manner.

Multinationals and large organisations are increasingly outsourcing warehousing facilities to facilitate growth in supply chain volumes. A majority of the local businesses are increasingly searching for high-efficiency warehousing solutions in the wake of COVID-19, due to low human resource availability and social distancing challenges. While manufacturers may still choose have to maintain in-house option.

In Sri Lanka, Total Warehousing Solutions Lanka Pvt Ltd (TWS Lanka Pvt Ltd) is one of the foremost trusted partners for businesses seeking professionalism and specialised expertise. Offering a one-stop-shop solution for its customers, the Company’s process solutions integrated with state-of-the-art equipment places it as a most sought-after Intra-Logistics partner that caters to end-to-end warehousing needs.

Having commenced operations in 2006 as an ambitious start-up with a big vision, TWS has grown by leaps and bounds to earn respect in the market and become the market leader in the segment of Material Handling Equipment and Warehousing Solutions while complying with principles of sound governance and ethical frameworks. With over 15 years of experience in the intra-logistics sector, TWS is an expert in designing warehouse spaces according to the nature of the business.

TWS offers a broad portfolio of sustainable solutions to suit local conditions such as material flow analysis, intra-logistics layout planning, capacity design, project management and after-sales services.

Integration of a highly dedicated team of specialised experts gives Total Warehousing Solutions Lanka a competitive edge in the industry through partnerships with Jungheinrich A.G.  Combilift, the largest manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts and a leader long load handling solutions headquartered in Ireland. Rite Hite Corporation USA, a global leader in loading dock safety, energy-saving solutions and warehouse productivity.  Midac Batteries is a leading manufacturer of energy storage systems supporting the intralogistics sector in Europe with a worldwide support network. Mecalux S.A. is an experienced, innovative manufacturer of storage systems headquartered in Spain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and software solutions designed in-house to support the intralogistics industry.

The man behind TWS Lanka Pvt Ltd, an expert in the business with over 20 years of industry knowledge, Hasitha Samaraweera – Managing Director of the Company, commented: “At TWS we believe that the true DNA of the organisation is building the Triple T formulae. We pride ourselves on a Thorough understanding of our client’s business with a human Touch and trending Technology. We are proud of our highly responsive track record, which has helped forge strong business partnerships that offer our customers unmatched solutions. To our clients, the ground reality is the prompt responsiveness provided by our after-sales services, which has been the key success factor in building resilient business relationships through the past 15 years.

TWS transformed warehousing in Sri Lanka and West Africa in a world of growing volumes and shrinking capacity. The Company’s introduction of Articulated Narrow Aisles and higher vertical Racking Systems 10 years ago revolutionised warehousing capacity and raised the bar for every service provider in the industry. Total Warehousing Solutions has thus reached a pre-eminent position where every key business has been impacted directly, as a client, or indirectly, as a potential client.

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