Wavenet Announces New Private Catalog & Advanced Kubernetes Integration for ahasa

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Global Wavenet (www.globalwavenet.com) announced today the addition of its improved integration capability and brand-new Private Catalog feature to its ‘ahasa’ platform – the Cloud-based Kubernetes design-to-deployment application management solution. 

Wavenet announced the launch of ahasa in early February 2021, a revolutionary software tool that allows telecommunication and mobile operators and CSP enterprises to design, integrate and deploy containerised applications, using a low-code no-code approach, and advanced integration of multi-apps and multi-products on a choice of Public Cloud such AWS, or a Private Cloud such as VMware for free. 

Now, with the introduction of a new ‘private catalog’, ahasa offers innovative capabilities in building and operating containers securely using the user’s own private app products. It’s a BYOP (bring your own products) policy for ahasa’s Private Catalogs. Software developers and enterprise Kubernetes engineers, using a single platform, can plug and play using a smart design studio for solution design, combining both private and public catalog apps and using pre-integrations to create new Kubernetes enterprise solutions to springboard the organisation’s innovation journey.

ahasa has revolutionized containerised solution orchestration with speedy design-to-deployment capabilities. Apart from its obvious technology and operational efficiency appeal that contributes towards super-fast DevOps lifecycles and speed to market, the platform’s ability to orchestrate and manage software infrastructures using CI/CD with unmatched integration capability, makes this a holistic solution highly valuable, especially for enterprises and mobile operators looking to optimise Kubernetes technology for longer-term strategic returns.

Suren Pinto – Founder & CEO, Global Wavenet

“There’s no doubt that ahasa breaks the norm for traditional software design and deployment models right from the word go. It raises the bar on Cloud containerization, all the way from Kubernetes design, production testing to deployment effort. Yes, we are changing the game for CSPs, enterprises and Operators on this one, and that’s in our DNA. Continuous innovation in technology is what we have always strived to achieve, and that’s exactly how we would always like it to be”. Suren Pinto, CEO of Global Wavenet commented

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