Térapy Ceylon brings together Pure Ceylon Tea and Ayurveda into a delicious cup of Tea

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In an answer to the current global health crisis, homegrown Sri Lankan brands such as Térapy Ceylon have dug into our island’s ancient healing heritage by bringing together Pure Ceylon Tea and Ceylon Ayurveda, combining the therapeutic attributes of Ayurveda into a delicate fusion with the distinctive natural flavours of Pure Ceylon Tea.

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic science that has been well-preserved for centuries on our island, has been known to cure diseases and grant longevity. Practiced for over 5,000 years, Ayurveda is known to restore balance to the mind and body, often through the mindful use of potent herbal brews. For centuries, Sri Lanka has also earned global recognition for being the land for the perfect cup of tea. Pure Ceylon Tea has become an international icon and thrived as one of the most premium luxury beverages in the modern world.

Térapy Ceylon is a range of Ayurveda Teas that uses only 100% Pure Ceylon Tea grown, handpicked and packed in Sri Lanka. Térapy Ceylon enters the market with their “Super Tea” range that has been carefully developed using some of Sri Lanka’s highly-acclaimed “Super” fruits and herbs that are packed with multivitamins and cleansing effects. The range includes Reviving Ginger & Honey, ImmunTea, Organic Cozy Chamomile, Peppermint Boost, Organic Moringa Power and Prana Ease.

Térapy Ceylon Ayurvedic Tea range is based on ancient holistic remedies used by Ayurvedic practitioners for generations. The company sources all endemic herbs from indigenous farmers who grow them in abundance on native soil bordering untapped forest regions on the island. As these ingredients are native to our soil, they are rarely farmed. All ingredients are organically certified, virgin sourced while multi-crop and bio-diverse farming practices are encouraged at all times. Térapy Ceylon’s sustainable packaging includes tea bags that are 100% compostable, with organic unbleached paper and 100% organic thread that is stitched, not stapled.

Térapy Ceylon is manufactured by the Ranfer Group of Companies, Sri Lanka’s most diversified export conglomerate. A group of 14 companies, Ranfer has been sourcing and manufacturing high-quality tea since 1985 from Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi, and Vietnam, exporting to over 40 countries worldwide. The manufacturing process is certified by GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 and meets the BRC Food Certificate standards. All ingredients used are USA FDA approved and the company has clearance from all other government foods standard requirements that it currently exports to.Shop Online at www.terapyceylon.com and indulge in these luxury Ayurvedic Teas. Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Sri Lanka. Also available at the newly opened W.H. outlet by Indi Yapa.

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