Zena Impact Protection Vest Manufactured by MAS Holdings Featured at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

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MAS Holdings’ product innovation will once again be in the spotlight at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, showcased by the technologically advanced ‘Zena Impact Protection Vest’ worn by the Australian Women’s national goalball team – the Aussie Belles. This impact protection wear is manufactured using two patented technologies, MAS Silueta’s reaction Injection Molded Foam Technology branded under the tradename “Impact 360 by Silueta” and using patented Silicone Flocking Technology.

MAS Silueta, a part of apparel conglomerate MAS Holdings, collaborated with the founders of Zena Sports, Brad and Donna Johnson to manufacture Zena’s female impact protection vest, to be worn by the Aussie Belles in the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics. Having understood the significant physical implications of impact sports, Australian couple, Brad and Donna Johnson realised that female adolescents faced many rib and breast injuries that go unreported despite their impact at a critical stage of physical development. Specifically designed for contact sport, the lightweight impact vest protects females against breast, rib and ground impacts, and helps maintain their agility and performance levels, with the prime goal of ensuring faster post-game recovery. Already popular among the Women’s Australian Football League players, the ‘Zena Z1’ vest now cements itself as a core aspect of Goalball – a high impact team sport specifically designed for blind and vision-impaired players.

The development of the vest is testament to MAS’ expertise in innovative, applicable sports products, and showcases their expansion into manufacturing impact protection wear for leading global brands. It also shines a light on the company’s long-term commitment towards female empowerment and inclusivity.

MAS Silueta was also responsible for producing the Canterbury Raze head guard, Worn by Team USA rugby player Kevon Williams in the recently concluded Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Commenting on the innovative protective vest, CEO of Silueta, Ranesh Handunnethi stated, “We are proud to support Zena Sport in empowering the ‘Aussie Belles’ goalball team at the upcoming Paralympics with one of our newest products – the ‘Zena Impact Protection Vest’. Empowering women and promoting inclusivity are two of our foremost priorities and key tenets that power our drive for innovation. The Zena protective vest is a prime example of an innovative solution born out of this focus and is another step forward in our long-term value creation journey.” 

Silueta specializes in apparel ‘design-to-delivery’ and uses Impact 360 by Silueta, a patented foam technology and patented Silicone flocking technology to create modern wearable apparel that improves the performance of its wearers. Some of the more well-known products released as part of Silueta’s innovation drive include the Canterbury head guard, and the Zena Sport range, alongside a variety of innovative intimate wear products.

MAS Holdings, the largest apparel tech company in South Asia, is among the most recognised design-to-delivery solution providers in apparel and textile manufacturing. Home to a community of 95,000 people, today, MAS spans across manufacturing plants in 16 countries, with established design locations placed in key style centres across the world. Catering to the demands of a dynamic and ever-changing industry, the MAS portfolio has expanded exponentially; filtering into and revolutionising IT, brands, wearable technology, FemTech, start-ups and fabric parks worldwide. 

Over 30 years of operations, MAS has gained global recognition for its ethical and sustainable working environment and for the organisation’s tireless efforts in social development and women’s empowerment. Product excellence and craftsmanship have placed MAS on the world map as an industry leader, showcasing unfailing delivery in innovative manufacturing and design. By empowering people, enhancing products, and engaging meaningful partnerships, MAS aspires to be a changemaker, enabling dreams and enriching the fabric of life on our planet.

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