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Caught in the clutches of one of its most testing times, Sri Lanka barely finds a ray of respite amidst the crises that has brought the nation to its knees. Engulfed in routine dilemmas, finding a moment to dwell in utmost relief and joy seems quite the challenge. But not for the followers of Bingo! Gearing for its launch in August 2022, Bingo! is the newest brand in Sri Lanka prepping to bring about a sense of fun in our everyday lives. Although nothing can compensate over the current affairs of Sri Lanka but a turnaround of events, Bingo! aims to provide momentary relief with a hint of hope and fun for the locals who are in distress given the country’s turbulence. 

Giveaways have been garnering its round of popularity over the years and businesses have turned towards social media contests to build brand engagement and reach followed by free gifts and what not. While this has momentously helped online pages lift their heads up, giveaways have strictly been limited to pretty much the same rules and processes. However, not Bingo! 

Bingo! is all set to bring to you a novel giveaway experience with their entertaining puzzle games and cash prizes. While most giveaways require you to like and comment for your participation to be valid, the brand aims to keep the games practical and accessible to anyone and everyone by simply allowing them to fill in their details and solve visual puzzles correctly. This is not only entertaining and fun to play, but also aims to sharpen the player’s focus and eye for detail through interactive games. 

Solving puzzles are known to reinforce improved memory, mental speed and thought processes. Moreover, interactive games enable creative problem-solving and are scientifically proved to delay symptoms of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Convinced much? Bingo! is not just your everyday escape into a fun distraction, but also your supporting hand that keeps your brain power in check! The team behind Bingo! has tapped into what could ease any Sri Lankan’s distress with a Rs.5,000 cash prize for the first person who solves their games correctly. 

Bingo!’s visual puzzles are hosted entirely on major mainstream social media platforms to allow room for convenience and is open for anyone from all walks of life to participate. Players can try their hand at the games absolutely free of charge via the link circulated online. The giveaways will last one day and winners will be announced via Instagram, and Facebook. Interested in being a part of the Bingo! fun? Check them out on and hit a follow on their socials (Instagram, Facebook & TikTok: @bingo.SL)

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