Women Will together with Impactr celebrates Global Entrepreneur Week 2022 hosted by ICTA

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Women Will, together with Impactr is excited to celebrate Global Entrepreneur Week 2022 (#GEW2022) hosted by the ICTA in Sri Lanka. In celebration of GEW, the two entities are hosting a significant and insightful virtual workshop on Thursday, 17th November 2022, at 5.30pm. This workshop is exclusively for business owners, solopreneurs, startup founders, SME owners as well as working professionals.

The workshop will consist of two sessions. The first, “Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs” will be conducted by Indu Nanayakkara, Digital Marketing Strategist and the Country Lead for Women Will and Co-founder of Impactr. 

The second session, “Design Thinking for Starters” will be conducted by Sajini Jayawardena, Business Strategy & Design Thinking Trainer & Consultant. Sajini is also the Country Manager for Google Business Group and is the Co-founder of Impactr. This workshop is specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals who are new to Design Thinking and its fundamentals.

In 2022 and beyond, it is vital for business owners, startup founders and even professionals to build their personal brand online. Online Personal Branding has become vital for a successful business, not only helping to reduce its marketing budget, but also attracting the top of the talent pool to the business.

Additionally, Design Thinking has become one of the most trending topics of 2022 and is used as the means of harnessing innovation for businesses, startups, professionals and project teams to think out of the box and adopt creative methods to find the best course of action to a given problem. It also focuses on offering customer-oriented solutions to businesses and an opportunity to finetune existing product ideas, services or diversification plans. Design Thinking also helps to reinvent business models, stagnant products and services and to spark creativity throughout the teams by emphasizing on the customer, the design and the innovation aspects.

Due to the nature of the event only a limited number of participants will be accommodated, therefore, prior registration and confirmation of attendance is required. Registration can be made on https://weareimpactr.page.link/GEW22

The Official Facebook Event page https://www.facebook.com/events/2473942636108210/ and @weareimpactr on Instagram provides more updates and details on the event.

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